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What is Holism?

People tend to associate holism with medicine and healing, however holism is much more than that. One can say it is a philosophy or a certain approach when trying to understand phenomenons in the world around us. Holism teaches about systems and their parts. Unlike reductionism and atomism, it emphasizes the whole system, the whole person, whole of behavior or whole of experience, rather than the component parts.

The elements of the system are interconnected and interdependent, and the connections between them are often complex in nature. In order to fully understand systems, it is necessary to understand their parts and the relationship between them.

Holism can also be applied to Digital Marketing, whether it is observed as a functional part of an organization or an organized base of knowledge. In order to fully grasp its potential and learn it with greater understanding, we at AdHolistic strongly advise taking on a holistic approach.